Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Wash-Cycle, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

So I bought some hockey shorts today so I don't have to go through the pain every time I fall. Eventually I will play hockey but it seems like skating well first is the right place to start.
I happen to love coconut....pretty much any kind of coconut.
Jennie's Coconut Macaroons are sooooo good. My favorite is to knock a ripe coconut out of a tree, shuck it, open it to drink the milk and then eat the flesh. Yummy! I'm sure location has something to do with it....since I would need to be somewhere tropical in order to perform such an operation. Liberte makes a coconut yogurt and it cannot be beat. Liberte also makes some other kick-ass yogs.

There is a newish Thai restaurant in Nelson (Busaba) and they do a really good job. The chef is young and moved to Canada from Thailand so he knows what he's doing. When I moved to Nelson from Vancouver 9 years ago...I couldn't really afford to go out for dinner very often. Even though there are many restaurants in my opinion there are not that many good ones. Busaba is great and well priced. Dining out can be difficult in a small town after you've lived in one for awhile. That's why when we go to the city its open season on food....always looking for good food. It was mind boggling to try and decide where to eat in San Fran...nothing like having too much choice. These three places were epic.
The Slanted Door
Cafe Claude

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