Saturday, November 25, 2006

One Track Mind

One-Track-Mind, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

What day is it? How long have I been posting on a daily basis? Only 5 days left until I win glorious prizes and the ability to skip a day without feeling guilty.

So the ski hill did not open this weekend but may open next weekend. This means I will have to go hiking to get some turns.....there is a heavy snowfall warning for this area and that is truly fantastic.

Oh...don't worry..the wine I spilled on my computer last nite didn't do any harm....the wine stains around the computer I am trying to ignore.

Speaking of wine.....
Picked up a new bottle today and it is worth a note. I can admit there are few Australian wines that I don't fancy. That is not to say I like them all either...There are some I just won't even try. Anyway the funny folks at Redheads Wines have reached the Queen City of Nelson BC. Their 2004 blend, known as "Yard Dog", is a hefty 15.5% which is rare. Petit Verdot 60% Cab 30% and Merlot 10% It drinks well right out of the bottle with some sediment already's a mouthful to say the least. The label is fresh and these kids have a sense of humor. I'll be putting some of these in the cellar as well as looking for some of their other products. Well worth the $16.85.

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