Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MMMM Legendario Ron

rum, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

This was probably one of the nicest rooms I've ever stayed in. Overlooking the beach, sunset every nite, small fridge to keep the rum cold and ice cubes frozen. Wonderful. It was almost a year ago that we were in Cuba. Viva!

Why do people slow down for bridges? Is there a mass phobia about crossing bridges that I don't know about? What's with the 10-20 km reduction in speed just before the bridge? I remember driving to Vancouver just before Xmas years ago during a massive snow storm; the closer I got to the bridge, the more cars were abandoned along the side of the highway. Where did all those people go? It's like they were going to attempt a crossing but then at the last minute they just couldn't do it. any of you suffer from this affliction?

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col said...

i really don't get it either! it drives me nuts though.