Sunday, November 12, 2006

Waiting For Fun

Waiting-For-Fun, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Snow falls....rain falls....repeat. That is the cycle of weather at the moment. I mention from time to time that I live out in the boonies...that means no cable, dial-up internet and a half hour drive to Nelson. I like to watch hockey and I participate in a hockey pool with 9 others. Not having cable or satelite means I rarely get to see any hockey...this blows. I'm fairly happy with my pool they are:
Dany Heatley Ott
Pavel Datsyuk Det
Brendan Shanahan NYR
Henrik Sedin Van
Peter Schaefer Ott
Jason Arnott Nsh
Ryan Smyth Edm
Fernando Pisani Edm
Mike Knuble Phi
Kyle Wellwood Tor
Darcy Tucker Tor
D Sergei Zubov Dal
D Brian Rafalski NJ
G Martin Brodeur NJ

Currently I'm in 3rd place but there are many games to be played.

Big Blocks are heavy...I almost popped some veins today trying to lift my 413 block up onto a platform...I tore the motor down for storage. My 1st time doing such a job. Sometime in the future I'll have it bored out and then rebuild it for my 330 wagon. There are other things that are a bigger priority on the car. I'd like to have the bodywork and paint done before I build the motor.

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