Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Bowling-Ball, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Here's a shot of the Savoy Lanes in Nelson. That ball is not going create a strike. I bought a piece of art and I pick it up tomorrow. I'll take a photo of it and you can share in the joy of it hanging on the wall here in the casa.

Warm drink on a cold nite? How about a whiskey mac?
Boil some water and preheat a brandy snifter or like vessel.
After this add equal parts (shot+) whiskey(your choice), hot water and stone's green ginger wine SGGW
(ask at the liquor store)
If you really want to be a pro...measure the whiskey and SGGW and place the vessel in hot water to preheat the booze. The drink hails from Scotland and is best consumed hot. The type of whiskey will change the flavour. It's really yummy!

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