Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hockey Day In Canada

St.-Petersburg-Canal, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

How exciting is that? Nelson gets to host Hockey Day in Canada. That means they'll be broadcasting from the new Nelson arena. Don Cherry and Ron MacLean will be here. This will be happening on Jan. 13 '07. While reading about the event I learned a few things about Nelson's Hockey History from CBC...They said

"Nelson was founded in 1886 and was originally called "Stanley" after Canada's Governor General, Lord Stanley. Nelson's hockey roots reach much further, however, producing great NHL talent including Danny Gare, Pat Price and Greg Adams. The small city was also the hometown of Lester and Frank Patrick, hockey's royal family, whom many credit with creating modern hockey with several innovations including the addition of blue lines, the forward pass, penalty shots and the playoff system."
For more info go to Wikipedia

The photo above was taken in St. Petersburg some time ago. It still ranks as one of the most beautiful cities I've been to. The buildings and waterways are phenomenal. On my way to the city on the train from Moscow I was befriended by a Russian man who spoke some English. He really helped me out a lot. Telling where a good place to stay was and then he helped me get my permit to be in St. P I was unaware that I needed one. Without his help I would have been parted from much more of my money than needed. He brought his daughter to the train station to say goodbye when I left and it was one of those moments when you're glad to have met such a great person.

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