Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mid August????????

Idaho Peak, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

Summer is fun....I don't want it to end!!!

There has been lots of fun so far this summer. Mostly I'm glad to have my sweetheart back from school...unfortunately that will be ending come september cuz she's going back.

Floating down the Slocan river

There's been some hiking, fishing, floating on the river, mtn biking, music, drag racing, down right partying, weddings and golfing.

Dinner at MJ's

The nights have just started getting cooler and that is always a sure sign that fall is right around the corner. I have to break 90 on the golf course before the season ends!

Here's a shot of our friends at their wedding
Gabe and Amanda's wedding

All lined up for a shotgun...obviously I won....

Here's a shot of us at the Weakerthans when they played Nelson.

Me and the girl at The Weakerthans

My girl thinks John K Samson is nerdy and cute....I think there are a lot of girls in that boat.

John K Samson