Tuesday, November 07, 2006


DJ-Jorma, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Ice is really hard...Frozen solid in fact! I know this is a redundant statement but I happened to fall very hard today while skating and now I have a massive contusion on my hip....owwww! The women who supervises the adult skate is watchful and is always giving tips. She wears a helmet to promote the idea that it is safer to skate while wearing one...I agree and wear a helmet everytime I'm on the ice. Now I need hip pads if I'm ever going to learn my cross-overs. The music being played is always...interesting...today was Neil Diamond. I like Neil but not for a whole skating session. Last time was all 80's one hit wonders...the ipod may be necessary. I have much more respect for figure skaters now that I've been learning how to skate...I can only imagine how many times they've fallen.

Its that time of year when you know the snowboarding season is coming up fast and you know you should be conditioning but somehow the days keep slipping by and still...nothing. I know from many years of experience that the first weeks of riding brings pain...I would like to reduce this pain and not get injured in the process...red wine consumption will help..I'm sure of it.

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