Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Pointy, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Warning....boring blog post ahead.
OK, with that said.....this photo reminds me of a hairstyle I had in highschool...seriously.

How could I not be excited about the ski hill opening this weekend? I can't wait to go riding...I just wish my new board was here...well, actually I think I should ride the rock board until the base is a little deeper. No point in getting any core shots this early.

I didn't mind Casino Royale...it had a gritty realism to it...that and Eva Green was not hard on the eyes.

Only 33 shopping days left until Xmas. You better get busy. There is a craft fair in Nelson this weekend and there may be some cool stuff there....that or there will be a bunch of crocheted tea pot warmers...sweet.
If you're still reading at this point then you must not have anything better to do....but I am grateful that you stayed...show me how much you really care and prove you were here....leave a comment.


reddirtroad said...

Honestly? Crocheted tea pot warmers was my idea for gifts this year.

Where's the craft fair?

Lovewine said...

Ha...I'm just joking....people in the Nelson are very crafty. The fair is at the new arena Fri-Sun check the express for times.

reddirtroad said...

Maybe all these crafty people here are rubbing off on me. I'll have to check it out, maybe.