Friday, April 24, 2009

Fire Training

roof venting, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

Last month the fire hall I belong to had the opportunity to do a control burn on a house that was slated for demolition. We used to the house for various training scenarios. There is no substitute for this kind of training....everything went really well. Here are some photos.

The photo above is roof vent training.

Below is some ladder egress training. Smokey...

Here we have some fire.....we had to prevent the fire from spreading to surrounding buildings.

There was some people I knew doing a photo shoot for a clothing store in Nelson so here's Dini looking a little guilty.
Changing out the air packs.
air packs
Here's Mark, one of our training officers, looking on.
Things are getting HOT!!!
Another shot of Dini. Wardrobe change #7.
It was all said and done in 2's the crew of the Crescent Valley Fire Dept.
cvfd members

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calgary over the Long Weekend

palliser lobby, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

Had a great trip to Calgary over the weekend. Hanging with my bird and enjoying the beautiful weather. Having beers at the Ship & Anchor wearing a t-shirt.....nice!

We got a super discount room at the swanky Fairmont Palliser downtown and had lots of fun. The Avenue Diner has amazing breakfasts.

eli reflection

There was a lot of hanging in the yard going on....Our friend's son Eli was ecstatic over the BBQ lighter fluid.

eli and sivan

Pilot, the dog, is not sure he wants to be ridden so he's about to make a run for it.

Eli easter eggs
We made some colored easter eggs for the hunt on Sunday.
The drive home was quick and the last day of riding at the hill was awesome yesterday....lots of fresh snow.

I'm always excited for Spring but I'll miss snowboarding...I've already been golfing once.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Wagon / Spring Riding

Spring Wagon, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

I love when its spring down here and winter in the mountains. I fired up the '63 wagon the other day and took it for a spin down the back road...can't wait for drag race season! It fired right up.

This is what the riding looked like 4 days ago.......sick!

Oh Yeah


Sunday was the last day at the hill (WH2O) and the riding was very spring fact it was the only spring riding day we had this season. It had snowed over a meter and a half in the last 2 weeks so there was lots of powder turns before the closing weekend. I'll miss the turns but if I'm not golfing to soon I can always go for a tour.

A group of us hit the hill on Sunday and made a couple of snow couches where we could catch some rays and have some beers in between runs. Soooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!

group wh20

Pat does his diving act....

pat's dive
pat dive

Ymir Peak in the back ground....

ymir peak