Thursday, November 23, 2006


Down-Ramp, originally uploaded by Lovewine.
Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage when your travelling? I worked at the Vancouver International Airport way back and the staff cafeteria had a wonderful view of the well as most of the baggage handling crew. You could see the suitcases arcing past the window so gracefully on their way to the carousel or cargo hold. It made me realize what should and should not be packed into my backpack or suitcase. I had often wondered what happened to the baggage once it drifted away on the conveyor belt after you had checked it in.....little did I know that it would airborne sooner than I thought.

Oh, this baggage handler looks as though he's using kid gloves to caress this luggage...but don't be fooled....he knows he's being watched(photographed). Once he's out of site the tossing begins.........when I arrived in Auckland once, my pack came around on the carousel and it was soaking wet and smelled like it had been dunked in fish juice...I had to wash everything in it and the pack itself....gross!

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