Friday, November 10, 2006


De-Luxe, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

In it's day, I'm sure this bike was "a thing of beauty". Now, after being run over by a truck , it has been resurrected as a track bike. That means it gets loaded into the race wagon and taken to the drag strip where we can ride it around and get back to the pits quickly if anything is needed. Last year when we went to Mission Raceway we walked to and from the start line and it takes a made us thirsty. This year we were much wiser and brought the track bikes...our lives were so much easier....riding the bikes still made us thirsty but we also brought a keg of beer made by our friend Wade(shown a few posts ago). When we go racing for the weekend it's always the same debate at the liquor how beer are we going to need for two nites? The worst thing that could happen is that we might run out....this would be unacceptable. After some careful deliberation we decide on how much beer to buy and proceed quickly to icing said beer so that it may be consumed in short order.
Racing = beer drinking.

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