Tuesday, March 03, 2009


salmo ski hill
There's been a lot of emotionally charged events going on around these parts in the last couple of weeks. RIP Travis, SLB. Heal fast Rusty. Play safe out there kids.....

I was lucky to make it back from Kelowna. My rear wheel bearings bought the farm on the way down the Blueberry/Paulson pass. This in turn super heated the inside of the drum and fried the brake cylinder causing a brake failure...that's what I was fixing on Saturday. 

The riding has been really good but the dreaded high freezing levels have messed things up for the time being. Last week was a friends B-day at the Salmo Ski Hill and we had a great time riding the longest t-bar in North America.(?) There is more than enough time to finish a beer on the way up.

Way back on Valentine's Day I was waiting for my girl to drive back from Calgary so I went out to Ymir for their snow-fest and spent some time playing hockey on the outdoor rink. Good times!

ymir rink

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VancityAllie said...

Sorry to hear about what happened lately. Sounds tough.

I'm glad to hear boarding went well! And that ice rink looks FABULOUS! Wow!