Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Road Trip

ice_bumps, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

I was out for a walk the other day and there is a small lake not far from here that was iced over. These snowy bumps are rocks. I was wandering around on the ice taking photos not knowing how thick it was and wondering how deep the water might be. I had the strange desire to walk across the center of the lake.....I convinced myself this would be a bad idea since I was alone. Its kind of like that desire to jump off a want to do it but without the tragic consequences....or is that just me?

So anyway I'm off to Calgary for the weekend to hang with my bird....I have tickets to see Calgary and Nashville play and I'll try and stay out of trouble. When I drove to Calgary at the beginning of January it dumped a shitload of snow so I'm hoping this trip will be just as fruitful.

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VancityAllie said...

What an insane picture... great capture. That looks super weird.

Have a good time on your road trip! I wish we had more snow here.