Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick Turn

sick turn, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

I heard on CBC that foodbanks are hurting this year. I also just found out that the Scotia Bank in Nelson is matching dollar for dollar any donation to the Nelson foodbank. This sounds like a good place to make a donation.

One month till Xmas.......

Where did 2008 go?

Luongo will be back and Sanford seems to be doing a good job.


VancityAllie said...

DAMN. Nice shot. Wish that was going to be tomorrow.. but it's not. Just replace all the snow in the photo with rocks :(

I know, this year went by so fast.

And yes, Sanford! Doing great. He's been such a fantastic backup. Our goaltenders in the system are miles from what they were 5 years go.

mw said...

Heh, this year is going a lot faster - only two weeks till Christmas now. Oh, I wish I still had the knees to ski like that. Great picture - thanks!

Here from NetChick...

Tawcan said...

Man I wish we have pows like that right now. I so want to go skiing!!!

I think everyone should donate to the food bank, especially now we're going through the hard time.

Here via Tanay.