Monday, November 17, 2008

Bent Palms

bent-palms, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Just back from the Domincan and energized for winter. The weather was amazing and the rum was good. I'll have to work extra hard at hockey to burn off all the food I ate. When I wasn't reading, napping, eating, drinking or staring out at the ocean....wait a minute...thats all I was doing.

Back to the grind......


VancityAllie said...

Wow glad to hear you had a good vacation! Great photo, looks like you had beautiful weather :)

Must be strange coming back to brisk cold Canada! Did you take any more photos?

Lovewine said...

Yeah, coming out of the airport at night wearing shorts and flip flops is kinda chilly.

I took a bunch of shots around the pool...I really like the DR but I don't find it as photographically motivating as Cuba....there is just so much going in Cuba.