Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Hank-and-Lily, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

The realization that summer is ending always throws me for a loop. The other day I noticed the days of August were dwindling and there are still so many things I didn't do this summer. There is a list at the end of every summer....I'm not saying I didn't do anything...I did what I could.

Here is a photo of the famed group 'Hank Pine & Lily Fawn' who played a packed dining room at a friends place recently....Aug 11th. A cancelled show elsewhere created an intimate venue for the rest of us. Meatdraw and David P. Smith were also on hand; touring with Hank & Lily. Living in the Nelson area can be hard if you like to see bands. Since we are in between larger cities we tend to get passed over. Having all these talented musicians play at a friends place was a summer highlight.

If you don't think I'm a geek will after reading this. On Saturday Sept 2nd I played in the Ymir Whirl Disc Golf tournament. Similar in play to ball golf, disc golf requires one to throw various discs at targets around a course with a minimum amount of throws.
Drinking beer is required and the whole event sure is fun.

I've fixed the links for the video clips below. Have a great Labor Day!

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