Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mission Raceway

Its no big secret that drag racing has dominated my summer. I've been going to races with the WOSN race team for the last 2 summers but this year I'm racing my own wagon. It may not be the fastest car on the fact, it may actually be the slowest, but it sure is fun to drive. A friend of mine took this footage at the Mission Old Time Drags on July 31/2006. I didn't win this race...this is obvious by the sound my friends make at the end of the clip. I have a separate blog just for stories about my station wagon but I wanted to put this clip here. The other clip is of the race car which is considerably faster than my car.

Shambhala has come and gone and the walking dead it creates have slwly been filtering out of the Nelson area back to where they came from. I spent 2 nites out on the farm and had a great time. Dancing the nite away, very little sleep and hanging by the river all day.

Here's a shot of DJ SS from the UK doing his Drum'n'Bass thing on Saturday nite.


Anonymous said...

Killer dude, I also love wine, storms and drag racing. If you were a girl I'd make you my bitch.

Aqua Hornet

Lovewine said...

Thanks Pat