Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Graham Does the City

Currently spending a week in Vancouver. My parents are ill and I'm here to help out. All is not gloom and doom however.....I'm having some fun as well.
Sunday I found my way to the Canucks game and watched Luongo get his 21st shutout - great game!

Monday I ended up at The Commodore to see 'The Sounds' and 'Foxy Shazam'. I hadn't heard of Foxy Shazam but I found them quite entertaining and The Sounds were really fun. Glad I found my credit card that I thought I had lost.

Eating some good food down here.....looking for some dinner suggestions(Allie?).

Heading over to a buddies place to watch the Vancouver game tonight. Go Canucks!!!

Going to see U2 tomorrow night...that should be really really good.

Say good-bye to the sun Vancouver....Shot this at sunset this afternoon at Kanaka Creek on the Fraser River.

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VancityAllie said...

Wohooo! Enjoy Vancouver :) I sent you an email reply with suggestions by the way.

Have fun here! :)