Saturday, December 20, 2008

The tree

The tree, originally uploaded by Lovewine / Graham jones.

So with less than a week until Xmas we thought it was about time to get the tree up.....well maybe not straight up since it seems to lean a little. Not bad for 9.99 at Superstore. Usually we go and find a tree in the forest and bring it home but what about all the trees that are made just for Xmas that don't get to have a home? This is the first scotch pine Xmas tree we've had and it seems a little hard to hang ornaments on...all the needles point towards the end of the branch so the ornaments slide off easily.

When I was a kid my Gramma would buy ornaments for me every year and I managed to amass quite a collection.

Yay rum and eggnog!


VancityAllie said...

Great tree, Lovewine.. I think the way it looks is really interesting and more natural than the "perfect" ones you see sometimes!


Lovewine said...

Thanks....I've always gone for the more Charlie Brown-ish type trees.

Happy Xmas back at you.