Saturday, September 27, 2008

Radiohead @ Thunderbird Satdium

radiohead_grey, originally uploaded by Lovewine.

Summer was great and I'm OK that it is over because I love Fall. There has been snow on the peaks and my ski pass is patiently waiting on my dresser.

Radiohead was ridiculously good. If I were rich I would probably see more of their shows in other countries......oh well.

I met Thom Yorke in Vancouver during their last tour...he was quite pleasant....I was just on my way for a pint at the Irish Heather and I regret not asking him if he would like one as well....who knows what might have happened.


T.S.M. said...
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T.S.M. said...

Too cool!
You really should have asked Thom out for a pint.

When will you be documenting your latest valley gig?

I am sitting on pins and needles to yoink and paste the bulletin board photo!


VancityAllie said...

I'm glad summer is over! ;)


P.S. I'm subscribed to your blog now, hope you don't mind ;)

Lovewine said...

Hey T,
I'm working on getting that post up..its still funny...

I don't mind at all...I have to admit I'm not the best updater....