Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was out for a walk the other day and came across this and thought it would make a good photo. I'm currently working out the bugs of having switched from PC to Mac....learning my way around is interesting. I've always been a DIY kind of guy but I can see that I will need some guidance to become efficient with this new tool. I"m pleased with the results while working with images and can't believe its taken me this long to make the pc laptop would crumble if I had more than a couple of images open in photoshop.

In other news.....I recently experienced my first(hopefully last) hard-drive failure. I'm talking every digital image I've taken to date(lots) and every scan plus all my music(least of my worries). Its currently in a lab facility...if you've ever been through this then you know how I'm feeling. I have learned a painful lesson. I have much of the data backed up...not all of it.....booooooo!


reddirtroad said...

Oh darn. That sucks. I know the pain of a hard drive failure. Which reminds me... time to back up.

Lovewine said...

Current mood...devistated!