Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Still Snowing

Originally uploaded by Lovewine.

The end of Feb and the snow continues to fall. It has been a geat winter so far. I must be quick because I'm going to the ski hill this morning. I went for a walk yesterday and found myself down by the river where I took this photo. I'll make sure I have my tripod next time. Back to the lodge tomorrow for week #5. All those people who told me that time goes by faster as you get older weren't kidding.
I'm looking to make the switch over to mac....I'm one of the only photographers I know who doesn't use mac and this laptop I'm using at the moment is just so darn slow. The 17" powerbook looks soooooo nice.
I'm going snowboarding now.


Hunter Cycles said...

snowboarding sounds nice. It's like summer down here in SCruz. Good mountain biking though.
Mac is the way to go, I can't imagine how great the new powerbook is, but I love my little ibook G4.

erin said...

Where ARE you Graham!? Did you give up on your blog? We miss you. -eRin.